Acrylic Texture Coating Sydney

Acrylic Texture Coating Sydney

Acrylic Texture Coating Sydney: Acrylic renders are chosen for their higher water resistance and can be used on a wider variety of surfaces; they are also favoured for their flexibility which allows for movement in a building making it more resistant to cracks.

Due to this finish being available in various textures and limitless colour choice, it is now one of the most popular rendering finishes requested.

Render It Cement Rendering uses an Australian product suited to the Australian climate with excellent adhesion, crack resistance, water repellence and longevity.

All relevant insurances for our industry are current.

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Acrylic Texture Coating Sydney


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Many of our clients are repeat customers or have heard about us through word-of-mouth. Rendering is one of the first things you notice when you see a building. It adds colour and structure. The right rendering work can add value to your property and enhance its appearance. The wrong kind of rendering will do the opposite!

Here at Render It Cement Rendering, we want your rendering to stay looking great for years to come, which is why we take such care with our rendering application and why all of our employees understand how different substrates require different products and application.

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